To reach the Conversation Studio click in the main page on Studio > Conversations


You will find six tabs. We will explain the function of each tab below.


In the overview tab you will find every finished conversation that has taken place between two of your users. You will find the planned date of the conversation, the parties involved, which template they used and whether it was part of a push.


Tip: In the right upper corner you see the filter and download tool.

  • With the filter tool you can specify your selection of conversations you want to see. You can filter on Date, Template of User.
  • With the download tool, you send (the filtered) list as an Excel file (.csv and .xlsx) to your e-mail.



 Under this tab you can see the overview of all pushes that are currently active in your organization. What is a 'push' exactly?

A push allows you to assign specific conversation templates to different group of users. Let's say you want your sales team and your engineering team to have different types of conversations. You can create and customise two different templates and assign each to the relevant users.

You will find an overview of the templates that have been assigned in the table underneath this tab. Click on the push name and you will find an overview of assigned users and conducted conversations. To start a new push, you have to go to the tab Templates (see below)



You will find an overview of templates underneath the 'Templates' tab. Here you can quickly see whether a template is available from the user's conversations overview or whether the template is active. Here you can also 'push' the template to a group of users. If you click Manage translations you can translate the template name.



Here you will find an overview of available topics which you can use to customize your templates with. A topic is a collection of thematically connected questions.

You can also create new topics and delete existing ones.

If you click Manage translations you can translate the Topics.



Here you'll find your question library. Questions are organised by topic (see above). You can add specific questions to a template or let users import them from the library when planning the conversation. 

If you click Manage translations you can translate the questions.

 Here also you have the possibility to send the list to your e-mail.



These settings are global: this will be applied to all existing conversation templates. 

  • Calendar invitation: Send a calendar invitation with the email notification when a conversation has been planned or when the date has changed.
  • Coach can add coachees: (only with Coaching module on) Let the coach add their own coachees.
  • Choose the default duration of a conversation. This is thee default duration of the calendar invitation.