When you finish a conversation with one of your team members, you will receive the following message if there are still outstanding Snapshots to complete. If you are not sure what a snapshot is, click here.


Remark: You will not receive this message after a Quick Conversation or when you’ve snoozed the notification on that snapshot

You have the choice to finish the conversation anyway or to check out the snapshots and complete them. 

With the conversation fresh in mind, it's of course an excellent time to complete a snapshot, but we leave the choice to you.

If you want to fill in the snapshot, click on Show Snapshots and you will get an overview.

Click on the snapshot you want to complete and a new window will open.


Once the snapshot is completed you will have the possibility to go back to the overview of snapshots (if there are more) or to finish the conversation.


When you’ve completed the snapshot, the task will also disappear from your homepage.