The Unit4 Talent Management  platform makes it easy to praise someone for the excellent work they've done, but not all compliments or feedback you get will be through the U4 TM platform. You will still get compliments and feedback from your colleagues or manager in person. To not let these go unnoticed or forgotten, U4 TM now has a way to log this praise/feedback on the platform for others to see.

Important notes

  • The examples below will only show how to log praise about yourself. However, the process to log feedback about yourself is nearly identical. 
  • It is only possible to use this feature with people in your company who have an U4 TM account. 

How to log praise about yourself

The process is very similar to how you would praise someone else. First click the feedback button in the main menu and then 'Praise someone'. At the top left is now a dropdown menu. By default, it reads 'Give someone praise', but if you click on it, you can now select 'Log praise about myself'

Note: if you want to log feedback, just select 'Give feedback' instead of 'Praise someone'.

Now write down the praise you received and select who you got it from!

What happens after I logged praise about myself?

The praise won't automatically show up on your feed however. First, the person who gave you the praise has to verify it!

There are two ways to verify the praise someone logged about themselves:

1. It's shown in your tasks on the home page

2. You get an email with a link to verify the praise

Reject or verify the praise someone logged

Whether you clicked on the email link or on the task your home page, you will get the screen shown below.

On the bottom right, you can either reject the praise or verify it.

Reject praise

The praise someone logged might not be entirely like you said it, or how you would like it to be written down. You can always give the other person a chance to correct the praise. You can write feedback about the praise or send suggestions on how you want it to be written down.


Update rejected praise

If you've accepted the praise someone logged it will show up in the feed as if you had said it directly on the platform itself!