You can give feedback to every one of your colleagues or ask them for feedback. You can even request feedback from external people (for example: your customers).

Beside those options, it's also possible to share a public link so that everyone who clicks on it is able to give you feedback or praise. 

Where can I find the public feedback link?

Click on the feedback button in the main menu. At the bottom of the feedback window you can find your personal feedback link.

If someone visits this URL, they'll be able to give praise or feedback to you (if these options are enabled on your platform).

Note:  If you want to change the language of the webpage the visitor will land on, you can do so by clicking the dropdown menu next to the URL. Change this before giving the link to someone! English is the default selected language. Currently, we support these languages.

Note: These languages were available when the article was published. This article contains a full list of supported languages.

What happens if you click on the public feedback link?

If you click on the link you will get a screen like this:

The options to give either feedback or praise are available near the top of the page, below the person's name. In the screenshot above, 'feedback' is selected.

What does the external person need to do?

After clicking on the link you gave them, they can either write some praise or feedback (if these are enabled on your platform). Once they've sent the praise/feedback, they will get a confirmation email to verify their email address. Once it's confirmed, the praise/feedback will be published on the feed of the Unit4 Talent Management user. 


What does the Unit4 TM user see?

They will see the feedback on their feed.