Invite a group of people via CSV

When you want to import a group of users into the Intuo platform at once, you can import them using a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file.

  1. Create a CSV file of your users

The first step is to create a CSV file of the users you want to add to your platform. An example of such a file is shown below. You can do this f.e. in Excel.


You can download an example csv here.

The first_name, last_name, e-mail and company columns are required. The others are optional. If you add a language value, you can use the following possibilities:

  • de : German / Deutsch
  • en : English
  • es : Spanish / Español
  • fr : French / Français
  • hu : Hungarian / Magyar
  • ja : Japanese / 日本語
  • nl : Dutch / Nederlands
  • pt : Portugese / Português

Multiple student groups should be separated by a forward slash (/) as in the example above.

You can leave values blank, but you have to respect the order of the fields. In the third example above, you can see that for Philip Macchiato the values <language> and <group> are not filled in, so these will stay blank after importing the file.

2. Upload .csv-file

Go in the main screen to Users > Users

Click in the upper right corner on the arrow next to Add User and choose Import from CSV.

In the next screen, you can download an example .csv or you can upload your created file.

We click on Click here to upload CSV.

Select the file on your computer you want to import. You will see the following screen. All people will not be uploaded automatically by choosing the import file. Before importing you will get an overview to confirm.

First match the columns from your .csv file onto your platform fields, so the system knows which column corresponds to which value.

You don’t have to import all columns. Columns you don’t want to upload you can leave on <Do not import>.

You can also make use of custom fields. Read in this article how to do this.

Once all needed columns are matched, click in the upper right corner on Preview.

Check in the preview screen if everything looks good.

You will only see the first 10 results with a notification how many records will be imported.

If you want to change something, use the <Go Back> button of your browser.

Once everything is fine, click on Import and Invite button.

All e-mails in your CSV will be added to the system, and these people will also receive an invitation e-mail to reset their password. Users that are already in the system will not be added again and they will not receive an e-mail either. The user will be overwritten with the data in your file, so when there are differences between the data already in the platform and in your file, the data will be updated.

Use the Intuo API

Read the article about the use of the Intuo API.

You can always contact support if you need more info or help.