Overview of all teams

An overview of the teams on your platform can be found by going to Users > Teams.

In this menu you can see all the teams that have been created already, as well as their structure and type.

Different types of teams

There are two different types of teams on the intuo platform: organisational teams and project teams.

The default type is organisational. This type is meant to model the hierarchical structure of your organisation. Project teams are temporary teams which are formed to work on a project with people from different organisational teams, and will get dissolved afterwards. This feature is not enabled by default (contact your success manager to enable this). You can find more detailed information on project teams in this article.

Create a new (organisational) team

If you want to create a new team, you can hit the button in the top right corner 'Create team'. First, you should give your team a name (e.g. Marketing). Next you can indicate if there is a parent team (a team 'above' the new team in your company hierarchy).

You can label your team with a colour. There's some predefined swatches available, but you can also choose your own colour. Next, upload a team image if you like (.png or .img format).

Add team members

Now you still have to add users to the team. You can do this by clicking on the team you want to add users to and then hit 'add users' in the top right corner. You can then look for the person (who is already on the platform) and add them. They will then be visible in the list of team members of that team.


Add team leader(s)

The stars in front of the names of the people, indicate if this person is a team leader or not.

The difference between a team leader and a normal team member:

Note: There can be more than one team leader in a team and you can also be a member of more than one team.


Let team leaders manage their own team

By default, only admins can manage teams. However, it's possible for a team leader to manage their own team. If this setting is enabled, a team leader will be able to add/remove users from their teams, as well as make other members a team leader.

As admin, you can enable this setting by going to Studio > Teams