What is team hierarchy depth?

The team hierarchy depth has an impact on which team leaders can see something if, for example, a feedback or an objective has the visibility level "you and your team leaders". A company usually has a hierarchy of teams, so for visibility levels like "you and your team leaders", that poses the question "how far up your organisation's hierarchical ladder should this be visible?".

A team hierarchy depth of 0 means that the data is only visible to the team leads within the team. 1 means it's also visible to the team lead(s) of its parent team(s), 2 means the team lead(s) of the team lead(s) of the team etc...

Impact of team hierarchy depth

This hierarchy depth is relevant to the visibility levels of the functionality in the Perform module, so for feedback, praise, objectives, snapshots and conversations. It's also important in the Engage module. The amount of data in the engagement results that are shown to a team leader will depend on the hierarchy depth.

Changing the team hierarchy depth

Go to Studio > Teams. One of the settings you can change here is the team hierarchy depth.