The main new feature of the new home page is the redesigned suggestion box on top of the feed:

Here you can now see all members of your team at once and an overall count of all the actions that need to be completed.

The red bubbles count the number of actions pending for each user that has them. Actions are important tasks that need to be completed because they can have an impact on other user’s performance (for example: filling in a snapshot). The blue rings around some user’s images indicate there are suggestions available for that user. A suggestion is another way to interact and engage with a user, but without the same impact as an action (for example: a suggestion to plan a conversation), that’s why although it is recommended to complete them, it isn’t necessary to do it right away.

On the left side, you will see a blue box with some new elements:

In this box, below your profile picture, you will see the count of all the actions that need to be completed, this count includes the pending actions for all team members. Below that there’s a toggle to switch between the team members view and the actions and suggestions view. The default view is the team members view, and clicking on that toggle will change the box to this:

This view allows you to see a list with all your pending actions, both for yourself and other team members, categorised by type. Scrolling down will reveal the suggestions section, which can be expanded to show them in a list in the same way as actions:

From this list there’s also the option to create to do lists. Clicking on the plus icon will open a window where you can create and delete lists, and manipulate tasks inside those lists. Note that the lists you create will go into the Personal category automatically, and the Organisation category is reserved for lists assigned to you by an admin:

Back in the team members view, you can click on each team member to see the actions pending and the suggestions available involving them:

Clicking “View everyone’s actions and suggestions” will show those for every team member in an scrollable list: