Feedback templates can help you get started on writing feedback. A template can provide a pre-written structure that you (or someone you request feedback from) can easily fill in.

Feedback templates can be used for giving feedback, as well as requesting feedback.

Using a feedback template

To insert the text from a template into your message, click the template icon (two stacked pages) in the bottom right of the text editor.

Remember: the template you use is just text that gets added in the text field. You can still edit the message of your Feedback (Request). Templates are just a convenient way to avoid too much typing.


I can't find feedback templates / the icon is not visible

It's important to keep in mind that a regular user can't create a feedback template themselves. The admin of the Unit4 Talent Management platform at your company needs to enable this feature and create the templates. If you want to start using them, talk to them about it! Better feedback leads to a better company culture!