There are multiple factors that determine who can see whose conversations and how much of it. These settings need to be configured on each individual conversation template. Conversation templates can be found in Studio > Conversations > Templates tab.

Whether a user can see someone's conversation depends on the role of that user and the viewing rights of that conversation template. For every conversation template, the viewing rights have to be defined separately. This can be done by clicking on any particular conversation template and scrolling down to 'Viewing Rights'. 

  • Admins and HR officers can read summaries (*): they can only read the written summary of a conversation 
  • Admins and HR officers can see whole conversation(*): they can read the whole conversation 
  • All team leaders of the user can see the complete conversation, including questions: this will allow team leaders, other than the team leader who conducted the conversation to view the finished conversations of their team members in their entirety. This does not apply to conversations conducted between coaches and coachees. 

(*) An admin can also be a team lead and/or a coach. In that case, he has the permissions of both roles.  

Note: The full conversation is always visible to the people involved in the conversation. 

Whether a hierarchical team lead can see any parts of the conversation depends on the team hierarchy depth settingwhich you can find in Studio > Teams. A Team Hierarchy Depth of 0 means that the data is only visible to the team leads within the team. 1 means it's also visible to the team lead of its parent team, 2 the team lead of the team lead of the team, etc...