You can upload snapshots data in bulk by using a CSV file. This might be useful if you have historical data you want to import or when you're having an ad-hoc review and you're collecting the scores by hand. In all these cases you simply and quickly import your snapshot data without having to wait for your employees to fill them in.

Note: you need to have created a Snapshot Template first that reflects the situation. To find out how to create a template, check out this article


Download a template file

To start, you go to the Pushes tab in the Snapshot Studio (Studio > Snapshots). For every created template you have the option to download the template.

Click Download. As a first step you will be asked to select the users you want to score. 

Once you've selected the users, a CSV file will be downloaded in your browser. In there you will find the following columns:

  • user_id: the ID of the user inside INTUO, used so that we can identify the user
  • user_name: The name of the selected user
  • question: The question you want to score
  • score: empty, to be filled in
  • date: Date of snapshot/score. Also empty, to be filled in.


Upload your scores

Once you've filled in the scores and dates in the exported file, you can upload it back into the system. This time, select Upload Snapshots for the correct template and import the CSV file. Click Confirm to finish.

Your snapshots will be imported into the system and the results will be visible on your users' profile pages.

Below the template in the Pushes tab you will now see a row like the example below, indicating that an upload has taken place.