The feed shows you two things: it displays your company culture and all your Intuo Moments.  These can be reminders of all the great work you're doing (in the form of praise), or practical advice on how to improve your career (feedback, objectives etc.)

Note: The feed is only available to customers who use the Perform module

What can I see on my feed?

Your feed has two parts: at the top, you have your feed suggestions, and below that, the actual feed.

Feed suggestions

Feed suggestions will give you a call to action (responding to feedback request, filling in a engagement pulse, updating an objective...). They will also proactively give you recommendations about some actions you might want to undertake (for example, praise one of your team members).

A more detailed explanation about these suggestions can be found in this article.


There are many different actions you can expect on your feed:

  • Praises
  • Feedback
  • Objectives
  • Summaries of Conversations
  • Enrolments in courses (if the Learn module is enabled)
  • ...

Whose actions can I see on my feed?

The feed will be a mix of your personal activity on the platform and activity of colleagues. Usually, you'll only see actions of your fellow team members.

Check visibility settings

You can always check what the visibility of an action is on your feed by hovering over the icon next to the name.

Change visibility settings of your actions

If you created the action, eg. you praised someone, you can even change the visibility settings by clicking on the icon.

More detailed information on visibility settings can be found in this article.

Who can see my actions on their feed?

This depends a lot on the visibility settings of your actions, but in general, it will often be your fellow team members and your team leader(s) who can see your actions.