The session studio (Studio > Sessions) is the place for creating and managing your offline learning sessions.

The overview

The overview is where you can find your planned sessions. These are ordered by default by the most recent first, but it's possible to use the filter options at the top to find older ones.

The overview will show you:

  • the amount of enrolled participants for each session
  • the practical information
  • the name of the course the session belongs to
  • the name(s) of the instructor(s)
  • and whether or not the session is 'published', i.e. visible for users.

The filters allows you to search for sessions based on date, course and instructor. Clicking on a session will allow you to modify it.

Creating a new session

You can create a new session by clicking the main action button in the top right corner. This This will direct you to an overview of existing events. Click Create Session to immediately create a new session for this event.

You can also use the search function to search on event names, course names or instructors.  When you search for a course that doesn't yet have an event, it will show you the option to create one. Clicking on the Create New Event button will redirect you to the course editor.

Note: This is also the only place where you can create a session that has already happened!

Managing a session

Clicking on one of the sessions in the overview (or by creating a new one) will allow you to make changes and to manage the enrolments.

In Edit Session you can change any of the practical information, such as date or location. Enrolled participants will automatically be informed by email about these changes.

In Manage Session you can enrol participants and set their attendance to either 'Absent' or 'Attended'. In case of a blended course (a course with both offline as online stages), the participant will need to attend the session before being able to continue with the rest of the course.