It's possible for admins to create a to do list for everyone within the organization or for some people. This can for example be useful for onboarding purposes. 

How to create a todo list?

Go to the Studio > To-dos. Click on New List.

Fill in the name and language of your todo list. Optionally, you can write a description to give the users more information about this list. Click Add List.

After you've created the list, you can add the items the users should do. You can do this by clicking on New Item in the top right. Here you can type one thing users should do (if you want, you can even upload a video). 

Click Add Todo to create an item on the todo list.

You can do this multiple times until you have created your list. Now you should assign users who should execute the list. You can do this by clicking on Users

Where can users find the todo list?

Users will see the list in the 'Your Tasks' section of the home page. Click on the list itself or on the + icon next to 'Your Tasks' to see all the lists (personal and organisation lists)

Who can create todo lists?

Admins can create organisation todo's and users can create personal todo's.

How to create a personal todo list?

Click on the + icon at the top of Your Tasks to open the todo functionality.

Click on 'Create list' in the bottom left corner and give your list a new. It will automatically be classified under the 'Personal' category.