When you want to create a course, you can go to the Studio, select Courses. There you will see an overview of the courses that are already on the platform (or this page will be empty if there aren't any courses yet). To get started, you select 'New Course' in the top right corner. 

First of all you have to define the title of your course, e.g. 'Onboarding training'. The Course description gives more information about what the students can expect from the course, so you can write a little sneak peek. You can also set a topic, which again gives more information on what the course is about and can be used to filter the courses, once they are in the library. You can create and add these topics, when you go to the Studio and select 'Topics'. After you've done this, you can now press 'Create course' in the top right corner. 

Now you will see a left and a right pane. In the left pane you will be able to see the structure and flow of the course, this is where you actually build the course. The right pane allows you to edit and manage the lay-out of the course.

In the right pane you can now see some details that you've already defined (e.g. course title, course description,..) and some new fields that have to be filled out. You can for example activate or deactivate the button 'order of steps completion'. This allows you to either force people to start from the beginning of the course or gives them the freedom to pick up from a random point somewhere in the course.
You can set the language of the course, so students know what to expect.
If you want you can add a certificate to this course, but this is not obligated. You can add and manage certificates and their templates via the Studio, under certificates.
Up next you can decide who has access to this course. When you don't select a specific student group, everyone on the platform will be able to access and start this course. If you select a specific student group, the access will be limited to the student group(s) that you've stated here. Specific student groups can be assembled under the tab 'Users' and 'Student groups'. 

Furthermore you can insert an estimated time that it takes to complete the course. This is just additional information for the students. Next you can select who the instructor is or instructors are for the course. This will be visible for the students, so they know who their point of contact is, if they would need extra info or some support. You can additionally add some files that the instructor might need under instructor downloads. This functionality is mainly used for classroom sessions, so the instructor has his own personal notes or slides.
Finally you can change the theming of the course to make the course more appealing for the students. You can select a background picture, that will be used on the course card and thus will be visible in the library. When you are using a screen with a smaller resolution, the image of the theming will be centered and not shown completely. Keep this in mind if you use your company name, for example, that it is in the middle of the image.

If you hit 'Save changes', you can now get started to insert actual content into your course!