When your users finish a course that has a certificate on it, two scenarios are possible:

  1. The certificate has no quiz
  2. The certificate has a quiz

In the first scenario, the user will always receive the certificate when they successfully finish the course. 

In the second scenario, the user will have to pass a quiz before they can earn the certificate. For more info on creating the certificate, read this helpdesk article.

Now imagine the following options are set on the certificate quiz:

The above assumes a quiz pass rate of 80% with an unlimited number of retries when they fail. 

  • A user who passes 3 out of 5 quiz questions will not receive the certificate.
  • A user who passes 4 out of 5 quiz questions will receive the certificate. 
  • Once a user passes the quiz and receives the certificate in the course, they cannot retake the quiz.

IMPORTANT: Note that when you want to conditionally award a certificate to a user with a passing rate, you should always do this using a certificate quiz. A regular quiz step as part of the course flow does not block the user from making progress in the course in case they fail the quiz step. As a result, they would earn the certificate. Certificate quizzes are thus made to block a user from getting these awards without passing an end quiz.