Badges can be used in two different ways: either as a gamification tool to promote learning or as "flair".

Badges as motivator

Most commonly, they are awarded to a user for completing stages in a course. When people follow a course, they go through several stages. For every stage, badges can be awarded if it's completed. It is meant to motivate the students and to keep them learning (this learning method is known as gamification).

Badges as flair

You can also award badges to a user which aren't meant to be part of a course. This use of badges is referred to as "flair". Some examples of these are:

  • To indicate seniority within the organisation or celebrate career milestones (work X years for the company)
  • Awards for contests (eg. ping-pong champion of the office)
  • To indicate attendance to special events

Overview of existing badges

An overview of existing badges can be found in Studio > Badges. 

Create a new badge

Badges can be created in the Studio. First, navigate to the overview of the already existing Badges (Studio > Badges). In the top right corner you can press 'New badge' to create a new one.


Private badge

Private badges will not show up in the overview of achievable badges in a user's profile.
You will also have to award these badges manually (see instructions below).

Beware: once awarded, other users will be able to see private badges on someone's profile as well. They will also show up on the feed!


Badge size

It's recommended to keep the image you use for the badge as small as possible, in a square shape. The ideal size is 150x150 pixels.


Award badges manually

Go to a user's profile and click on the 'Actions' button in the top right corner of the screen. Click on 'Award badge' and select all the badges you want to award to that specific user.

Note: it can take up to 15 minutes for a badge to be visible


What happens when someone gets a badge?

  • The user will get a notification on the platform
  • Awarded badge will be visible on the user's profile (even private ones!)
  • Awarded badge will be visible on the feed. (if you want to disable this, or any other actions, contact support)

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