To improve the learning experience for the students of your course, you can add hints and extra information to the questions in your quiz. 

Improving the learning experience

First, an explanation of the different kinds of information you can add to a quiz question.


Feedback on a question appears after the student has submitted a correct answer.

This can be used as a way to show additional information on a question, or explain why it was the correct answer and other answers were incorrect.


A hint on a question is displayed when the student has submitted an incorrect answer.

This should be used to give the students little pointers on failed answer attempts and to nudge them towards the correct answer.


Adding feedback and hints

You can add feedback and hints by clicking on the cog icon in the top right corner of a question.

Show feedback at the end of the quiz

A quiz step has a setting to show all feedback at the end of the quiz.
With the 'Only show feedback when quiz ended' setting enabled, the student will get a 'quiz report' at the end of the quiz. This quiz report shows an overview of the answers a student has given, along with the correct answers and the (optional) feedback that was added to the questions.

More information about quiz reports can be found here