There are two ways to add questions to a quiz.

Method #1
The first method is to create them directly in the quiz you're making. This can be done at the bottom of the quiz step settings.

Method #2
The second method is to create questions in 'Studio > Questions' and add them to a particular quiz later (by clicking on the 'Add question from library' button as seen in the above image).


Different types of questions

Multiple choice (one correct answer):

You can add as many answers as you want, but only one can be the correct one. The checkmark indicates the correct answer.

All that Apply:

Same principle as the multiple choice, but now more answers can be correct.

Open answer:

This is a question type where the students have to type and articulate their answer.

Important note: you can review the answers the students fill in by going to 'Learn > Reviews'.

Fill in the blank: This type of questions allows you to write a sentence and the students must identify the words or word chunks that are missing. You can identify these missing pieces by using {__}.

At the bottom of the question, there are additional settings to indicate if the order matters in which the students fill in the different blanks and if the answers are case sensitive.

True / False: This type of questions gives the students two options they can choose from, whether the question is true or false.

Match Question: This type of question allows you to drag and drop answers. You have to match the right answer with the right question.

Add multimedia files to a question

For every question, it's possible to attach an audio/video file, an image, or a pdf file that users will see when they answer the question. You will be redirected to the media page of the Studio. There, you'll be able to select an existing file or upload a new one.

Let a student learn from their answers


'Feedback' on a question appears after the student has submitted a correct answer.

This can be used as a way to show additional information on a question, explain why it was the correct answer, etc...


A hint on a question is displayed when the student has submitted an incorrect answer.

Quiz report

Show an overview of the answers the student has given along with the feedback on the questions. More information on this feature can be found in this article.


Overview of questions

An overview of all the questions you created can be found in 'Studio > Questions'.