This article will go more in-depth into the settings of a quiz step.

Minimum quiz pass rate

This is the minimum percentage of correct answers a student needs to have in order to pass the quiz. For example: if set to 100%, all questions need to be answered to 'pass' the quiz.

By default, the student will still be able to go to the next step in the course, even if they failed the quiz. The quiz step just won't be completed and the progress of the course won't be updated. The student will have to redo the quiz to successfully finish the course. If you don't want the student to move on to the next step in the course, see the 'Block progress' setting below.

Block progress until completed

If enabled, the student won't be able to start the next step in a course until they successfully finished the quiz. If a quiz pass rate is set, they will have to score more than this pass rate

Student can skip questions

If enabled, the student will be able to skip questions during a quiz. These skipped questions will automatically be marked as incorrect. 

Maximum number of retries

Students are able to retry the quiz a fixed amount of times. If they used up all their retries, they can request new retries.

The instructors of the course will get an email about this request. (an email is sent to the first instructor with the other instructors in cc) 

Time limit

This is the time limit for the whole quiz. The timer keeps counting when the student is reading feedback or hints on a question. (For more info on feedback and hints, see this article)

Only show feedback when quiz ended

With this setting enabled, the student will get a 'quiz report' at the end of the quiz. This quiz report shows an overview of the answers a student has given, along with the correct answers and the (optional) feedback that was added to the questions.

Note: the hints that are shown after an incorrect answer will not be shown on this report.


Shuffle questions

The questions will appear in a random order every time a user attempts the quiz