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Which Scorm versions do we support?

Have a look at this article to find out which versions we support:

How to import a course from Scorm

Importing a course from Scorm is fairly straightforward. You start by creating a new course in Studio > Courses. With the feature enabled you will now see two options. Pick the rightmost option to import from Scorm

You will find a grey box in the left pane of the course editor. Click it to upload your Scorm content.

Select a zip file with the Scorm content from your computer.

It will take some time to process the file. Refresh the page after the while or come back later.

When you see this page, it means the file has been uploaded and processed. You can now see that the Scorm content is linked to your course.

You can now publish your course to make it available for all your users. 

Please take into account that we can't offer the same insights as with a Intuo Course as we don't have access to the actual content of the course or the user interactions. In the Manage section you'll only be able to find out whether someone has completed the course or not.