If you want to know how to analyse the general engagement results, you should read this article

In this article we're going to analyse the scores of the engagement drivers.

Go to Engagement and click on a specific engagement driver.

Here you see an overview of the specific engagement driver:

Engagement Score Graph

On the top left you see a graph with the evolution of the engagement score for this specific engagement driver. This graph breaks up the engagement driver score in months.  

As a teamleader or admin, you will see these scores when you hover a monthly data point: 

  • Team name: The scores of the team that is selected
  • Your teams score: The Your teams score shows the engagement driver score of all your team members in that month. For example if you are teamleader of two teams, the score depicted will be a combination of all the unique members in those two teams. Important: if your team is smaller than three members, the score won't be visible because of privacy reasons. The driver score will be taken into account in the company score.
  • Company score: The company score shows the engagement driver score of all the company's participants in that month, unregarded of the teams.
  • Your score: This is how your engagement driver score in that month compares to the other scores.

Question Analytics

In this example above 1017 questions were asked about the engagement driver ambassadorship and 406 questions were answered. Next to it, you see how many questions were answered positive, neutral or negative. In the studio the admin can define the threshold scores. This means if the upper threshold score is 75 and the lower threshold score is 45, all scores above 75 are considered as positive, scores under 45 are considered as negative. All scores in between 45 and 75 are considered neutral.(*)
Remark: these are the results of all time.

If you click on See More, you get an overview of all the questions asked about this engagement driver. Per question you see how many questions are ever asked and answered. Next to that, you see if the questions are answered positive, neutral or negative (in absolute number and in percentage). 

On this page it's also possible to filter on teams and/or pulses.

People Analytics

Here you see the analytics of the last 4 engagement pulses. 

From left to right you'll see the following:

  • 1 / 10 people answered: Questions of this topic have been sent out to 10 people, and have been answered by 1 person
  • Percentage of people whose average score of those questions was above the upper threshold
  • Percentage of people whose average score was between the lower and upper threshold
  • Percentage of people whose average score was below the lower threshold

Team Comparison

Here you get as an admin an overview of the engagement driver score per team. As a teamleader you will only be able to compare the teams you're teamleader of or the teams that are in your hierarchy. If you see a 'question mark' in the table, this means that due to privacy concerns the engagement score for this driver isn't available for teams with less than 3 members(*).
In the column Difference (Month) you see if the score has decreased or increased in comparison with previous month.


At the right side of your screen, you see all the comments your team members gave (if you are a teamleader) or all comments (if you are an admin). 

On this page it's also possible to filter on teams and/or pulses.

NB: What is described above refers to the initial screen when accessing the engagement driver. It's possible to filter on different periods, in which case the data will be filtered based that period!

Learn More

We want to help you to learn more about a certain driver, so we wrote for some topics articles to help you. You can read the articles if you click on the title in bolt.
If you're not interested, you can delete it by clicking on the x.

(*) This refers to the default values. It's possible to change these in the studio