We have standard added a set of engagement questions on your platform that you can use. But you can also create your own questions in the Engagement Studio.

Remark: it's not possible to change the questions we added to your platform.

Add your own questions

Go to the Studio > Engagement > Questions > Add new questions to add your own questions.

Every question you add should belong to an engagement driver. You can link your new question to our drivers, or add a new driver yourself: Studio > Engagement > Drivers > Add new engagement driver.

Depending the settings of your platform, you can add a Question or you can add a Question and Feedback Question.

With the Feedback Question the user can give more qualitative feedback on the question.
If you cannot create a Feedback Question yourself, the user will receive a default feedback question on every question. Please contact your Success manager if you want to have the possibility to make your ownFeedback Questions.

The types of questions you have are:

  • Scale question (1 to 10) - 1 is the most negative answer, 10 most positive.
  • multiple choice question (up to 7) - Your answers should be ordered from most negative at the top, to most positive at the bottom. 
  • text question - You cannot link this question to a Driver, because a text question is not measurable.

You can also add your questions in bulk with a .csv upload. If you need more information about this, please contact your Success manager.