To make the intuo platform your own, you have several ways to change some settings that make your platform more customised towards your preferences. 

A first thing you can do, is change the logo's that appear everywhere on the platform. 

When you go to Settings (the small cart wheel in the left bottom corner) and go to the third tab 'Appearance'. This is where you can see that you can change three types of logos:

  • The Favicon: This is the little logo that appears next to the URL in your browser. You can change it by clicking on 'Change Favicon' and selecting the logo of your company that you have stored on your computer.
  • The Wide & Square logo: These logos appear when you want to log into the platform on the landingspage and other place in your communication (e.g. e-mails). You should upload the same logos for these ones!

NOTE: It's possible that you have to do a 'hard refresh' because the previous logo might still be saved in your browser's cache. (for more info:, 'Clearing cache memory')

In this same tab, you can change the colours (or theming) of the platform. There are 10 theming options that result in different colours for the menu bar and the buttons on the platform. 

Next up in the tab 'General' you can change the basic information about your company, provide a short description that appears on the landing page and change the background picture on the landing page. You can add the terms & conditions you want for your platform and disable certain modules on the platform.