Good news! Setting up your Slack integration is fairly simple, but involves a few steps.

First of all, contact Philip ( if you would like Slack integration to be set up for your company. This step is necessary because we have to add your OAuth callback URL to our Slack settings (since this is not a public Slack plugin). When contacting us, simply tell us your platform URL (e.g. and we will do the necessary.

Once that first step is confirmed, you can set up Slack integration all on your own! Go into your integration settings on the INTUO platform (e.g. and look for the Slack section.

Once you see the section depicted in the screenshot above, click on the "Connect Slack" button. This will take you to a new page where you can configure a few options:

You can select a channel where new praise should be posted to. Please note that only messages that are visible company-wide will be pushed to this channel. Private praise or feedback will never be visible on Slack!

Once you authorized our INTUO bot to operate on your Slack channel, you will see a new user appear on Slack (with the name intuobot or similar). You will be able to talk to this bot. Try sending "help" (without quotes) to see what's possible.

If you no longer want to use our Slack bot, you can disconnect the Slack plugin and deauthorize our bot.