One of intuo's three modules is the LEARN module. It offers tools to build out a knowledge base for your company and make onboarding new hires easier. As such, they will get up to speed with your business processes efficiently and start adding value much quicker than usual.

The two main parts of the Learn module consist of the Library and My Learning. 


The Library is the place where all the content of your company lives. The Library has three different tabs: Courses, Tracks, and Sessions.

Search and filters

Depending on the size of your company's library, the amount of courses could get overwhelming. We included a search functionality and various filters to quickly find the course you're looking for.

When you click on the Search button, you will see all the different ways you can search through the available content and filter the results. Depending on which tab you are on (Courses, Tracks, or Sessions), the filters will show different options.

You can always reset these filters by clicking on 'Remove all filters' at the top of the search sidebar.


All the courses in the Library are visible here.

List view and card view

There are two ways to view the Library: either as cards or as a list. Both views will show the same information, but with a different aesthetic, so choose whichever you prefer.


Simply put: tracks are a collection of courses, created with a specific audience in mind. For example: you can create tracks aimed at different departments within your organisation. Or you could create a track for new hires, to quickly explain the ins and outs of the company and immerse them into your company's headspace without lengthy in-person coaching sessions.

Certain tracks will reward you with certificates and/or badges. Badges are meant to keep you engaged with a course and only hold meaning on the intuo platform, but certificates can have real value outside of the platform. For some courses, it might be necessary to have certain certificates to be able to enrol for that course.


Intuo supports blended learning. Besides online courses on the intuo platform, you can also keep track of courses/workshops that happen in real life.

The Sessions tab is meant to keep track of all your upcoming sessions and those you've done in the past. An admin will enrol you in these sessions and set your attendance.

My Learning

This is a place where you can easily keep track of all the courses you follow without having to search the whole library for them.

Everything you can find in My Learning:

  • Ongoing courses
  • Ongoing tracks
  • Upcoming sessions
  • Completed courses
  • Completed tracks


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