'My Learning' is a place where you can find all the courses and tracks you're currently enrolled in, all your upcoming sessions and the courses and tracks you've completed so far.

It is the default tab when you click on Learn in the main menu.

Explore which other courses or tracks you can enrol in on the Library tab.

Ongoing courses / tracks

The three courses and tracks you've enrolled in most recently will be shown on this page. If you're enrolled in more courses or tracks, you can access them by clicking on the rightwards arrow.

Upcoming sessions and completed courses / tracks

'Upcoming sessions' shows all the future sessions you're either enrolled in or are on the waiting list for.

Request external courses and log completed courses

The 'actions' dropdown menu in the upper right corner has two possible actions: 

  • Request external course (if the 'course approval flow' feature is enabled on your platform)
  • Log course

Request external course allows you to submit a request to follow a course that's not available on the U4TM platform. The requests are evaluated by platform admins and/or your team leader(s). You can add a motivation, skills you hope to learn and an estimated cost to help convince the person evaluating the requests.

Log course lets you log a course you've already completed outside the U4TM platform. This will give your team leader(s) a better understanding of your skills and education.