The library is the place where all the content of your company lives. It has three different sections: Courses, Tracks, and Sessions.

What are Tracks?

Simply put: tracks are a collection of courses, created with a specific audience in mind. For example: you can create tracks aimed at different departments within your organisation. Or you could create a track for new hires, to quickly explain the ins and outs of the company and immerse them into your company's headspace without lengthy in-person coaching sessions.

Certain tracks will reward you with certificates and/or badges. Badges are meant to keep users engaged with a course, and certificates represent 'real life' certifications which are recognised in your industry. For some courses, it might be necessary to have certain certificates to be able to enrol for that course. This can be a good way to ensure your students are on the same baseline when starting a new course.

What are Sessions?

U4 TM supports blended learning. Besides online courses on the U4 TM platform, you can also keep track of courses/workshops that happen in real life.

The Sessions section shows you all the upcoming sessions you can enrol in. In case a session is already full, it might even be possible to enrol in a waiting list.

All courses and tracks

The library shows three cards in the Courses and Tracks sections. If you want to access all of them, click on the rightward arrow in either section. This will direct you to a page with either all courses or all tracks on.

Search and filters

The amount of courses and tracks your company offers can make it difficult to find the right content.  In the upper right corner, there is a search bar and various filters to help you quickly find the course or track you're looking for.

Depending on the type of content you're looking at (courses, tracks, or sessions), the filters will show different options.

List view and card view

There are two ways to view the Library: either as cards or as a list. 

The card view shows an additional short description of the course, an estimate of how long it takes to complete the course and how many students have enrolled in the course.

In the list view, it's possible to sort the columns of information. Beware that not all content is loaded at once. Click 'Show more' at the bottom of the table to load more content.