My Feed

Your feed is the same as it is on the web version. It gives an overview of all the activity on the platform. This includes praises that you or your team members have received, objectives and conversations you had.

Mobile app 

The + is the most important button in our mobile app. If you click on it, you will be able to log a note, start a quick conversation, request feedback, give feedback and give a praise.

Log a note for a conversation

These are private notes only visible to you. They are meant for preparation of a (quick) conversation. You can have a conversation with somebody in your team or with your team members. The way it works is that when you plan a conversation with somebody you’ll get a reminder of the notes you made about that person. 

Quick conversation

Say for instance you’re not near your computer and you just had a good conversation about personal development with one of your team members. Via a 'quick' conversation, you can easily log the conversation and it’s saved in the conversation history. A 'quick' conversation is still a conversation, but without any preparation. Yet, you have the opportunity to have an overview of some questions (for inspiration), an overview of the objectives, feedback and notes, all related to the person you’re having a conversation with. 

Request feedback

You can request feedback via the mobile app. You’ll get some suggestions of people in your team. Of course you can request feedback to everybody internally and externally. In the next step, you’re able to choose from core values and skills. If you want to ask feedback about one of your objectives, choose “add an objective”. The visibility level is changeable via the body icon next to the persons name. Type your message and let’s go: send! 

Give feedback

Next up: give feedback via the mobile app. Choose the person who you want to give feedback to. Same goes here, choose a core value and/or a skill you want to give the feedback about. Or as you like, choose an objective. If you’re done writing your message, you can easily send it out.

Give praise

Give a praise to someone within your company. You can choose one or more people. Cool way of giving a praise, is adding a picture or a video! Go ahead and have try! The other settings are comparable to asking and giving feedback. Of course here the privacy settings are slightly different, you can share a praise with the whole company or with a whole team as well. 


If you go to your profile you can see all your objectives. You can add a new objective by click on the green +.  Adding an objective is completely the same like adding it on the web version.
You choose a title, due date, category and the visibility. You can also link the new objective to a team. Afterwards you can add the key results.

When you click on an objective you can see all the Key Results. In the mobile app you can edit the key result by clicking on the pencil. If you want to edit the objective, click on the 3 dots top right.


On your profile you can add your current skillset and the skills you want to learn or improve.


A very easy way to fill in your engagement survey. You’ll get a pop up on a regular basis to fill in a few questions. There is no dashboarding of the engagement results available in the mobile app. This is something you’ll have to analyze on the web version.