What are core values?

The core values on your platform represent the primary values/characteristics your company identifies with. Those can be important values in your company culture or exemplary qualities in your employees. These core values can be added to the feedback and praise that's given via the platform to further enrich their message. For example: you can give praise to a colleague about their 'Innovation' or 'Leadership' qualities, in addition to the text of the praise itself. This will make it easy for someone reading the praise to know what it is about. For the person being praised, it acts as positive reinforcement knowing they are embodying your company's values. Promoting the use of core values in praises/feedback ensures that your company's values become more widely known among your employees.

Add a new core value

You can find an overview of your core values in Studio > Core Values. In the top right corner, click on 'New core value'. Fill in a name and description for the core value.

Example of a new core value

Edit/disable/delete a core value

You can edit or delete a core value by clicking on the options icon on the right

If you don't want your employees to use a core value temporarily, you can also disable it for a while. Click 'edit' in the core value's option menu, toggle the 'disabled' switch, and save your changes.