What is a custom field?

A Custom Field is a field that gives you the opportunity to enrich the profile of the users on the platform. This can be whatever you want it to be; e.g. Personality traits, Strengths, Wage band, etc.

Why use custom fields?

There are multiple reasons why it can be useful to create custom fields on your platform:

  • to create groups based on these custom fields
  • to push conversations/snapshots/engagement pulses to a certain population on the platform
  • for reporting reasons
  • to look at the insights (engagement heatmap, performance grid,...)

How to create a custom field?

Custom Fields need to be created by the admin of the platform in the Studio > Custom fields > Create custom field. 

Where it says label, you can give a name to your custom field, e.g. Personality trait. In the Field type, you can select which kind of answer you expect in the field (a number, a piece of text, multiple choice,..). Depending on which option you choose here, you might have to further specify this e.g. Give the answer possibilities when you select Multiple choice (enter each value in a separate row). Next you can set the visibility of this Custom Field and decide who can edit the field.

Now this custom field is added and can be filled in by the people themselves or the team leaders on their own profile. But it's also possible for admins to upload the fields in bulk via a CSV.

How to importing Custom Fields via CSV?

If want to know more about how to import a users CSV, read this article.

If you want to implement custom fields while uploading your users, follow the different steps mentioned above. Afterwards you’ll get a specific ID number

We need this number because this is the unique identifier! 
If you want to add custom fields to user profile via CSV import, you need to add 2 extra columns per custom field:
  • custom_field_ID
  • custom_field_value

In the example below we want to add 2 custom fields employment type (ID=76) and insights color (ID=77). This is how the CSV should look like:

When you want to import the CSV file to the platform you need to link the correct custom field to the correct column. You can do this as following: