When you leave feedback on an engagement pulse question you can get a reply from a platform administrator (mostly HR) or your team lead. This way they can better follow up with whatever is worrying you or ask for more information if something is not clear.

This will still be anonymous! At no point will your name be shown to the person replying.

Where can I find these private conversations?

For a user, all comments that have been replied on by a team leader or an admin, will be shown when you click Engagement in the main menu. 

These comments can be visible as the main page when you click 'Engagement', or they can be shown in a second tab of the Engagement Overview, called 'comments'. This will depend on your platform's configuration. 

On privacy: who can see which names

For the user who left feedback

The user will see the full names of all people who will be able to read his feedback.

The reply on engagement feedback window

The names of the people who can see your feedback

The admin/team lead who will reply to the feedback

The person who replies on the feedback will not see any names, only the functions of who can see it.


What if my team is really small?

If you're a member of a team with fewer than a pre-configured amount of people (the bare minimum is 3), your feedback or score will never be shown to your team lead as this would potentially endanger the anonymity of your remarks. In this case they will only be visible for the admins of the platform.