Team leaders and admins can already analyse the results of engagements pulses on the Engagements page of their platform (If you want to know how to analyse these scores, you should read this article).

We have also created an extra Insight board for admins only, so they can have a more in-depth analysis of the engagement data. This makes it possible to spot problems in your company culture for certain demographics of your employees. Admins can now see results per gender, tenure, job title and/or age.

To access this board, go to Insights > Engagement Graphs. 

Engagement by attributes

These graphs will only be filled in if you added this information on the profile of the users:

  • birthday
  • date joined company
  • gender
  • job title
  • department

On the graphs below you can see the engagement by attributes. You can compare the company score with these different attributes.


Each attribute chart has filters to quickly show you the data you're most interested in.

Select filters by clicking on the filter icon in the top-right corner of the chart or select/deselect individual filters by clicking on the coloured circles at the bottom of the chart.


If you click on Export to CSV in the upper right corner, an email will be sent to you with a zip file attached.  This zip file includes the CSV file.

In the CSV file you will have rows denoting metric names (e.g. company data, response data, gender options, tenure options, job titles, age) and columns with the monthly score, followed by the user count.