The landing page background image can be changed on the Settings page. To get there, click on the gear icon at the bottom of the sidebar:

This will take you to the “General” tab on the settings page. Scroll down until you get to the landing page settings, where you will see the “Landing page background picture” option. Clicking that selection button will open a dialog to select a new picture:

After selecting your new picture, click on the “Save changes” button in the top right corner.
Your new image is now set up, and you should see the change after logging out of the platform and going to the landing page.


I don't see the new background image

There is a chance you (or other users) might not see the change right away, because the landing page background image might be cached by your web browser, so although the new image has been saved properly, the old one could still be displayed. Please follow these steps to fix the problem:

1. Refresh the page

First, try a 'hard refresh' of the webpage. To do this, press CTRL + F5 if you are on Windows or Linux, CMD + SHIFT + R if you are on Mac and using Chrome or Firefox, or hit the reload button on the toolbar while holding the SHIFT key if you are using Safari. After doing this, you should see the new image you selected for the landing page. If not, try clearing your browser cache

2. Clear your browser cache

How to determine if this could be a browser cache issue:

  • ask a colleague if the image changed for them
  • navigate to the landing page in incognito mode / private browsing window

If in any of the above options the new image is shown, that means your browser has cached the old image. You can solve this by clearing your browser cache.

An explanation on how to do this for all major browsers can be found here:

If refreshing the page and clearing your browser cache doesn't work, contact support via webchat or mail to