For each template you can make pushes to complete the Snapshot. It is also possible to schedule the push in the future.

When you are on the Pushes tab, you see all created templates. By clicking on the + button next to the template name, you can create a push.

  • Give your push a Name
  • Date as of when the Snapshot will be available (you can not select a date in the past, but you can select a date in the future)
  • Date of the deadline to complete the Snapshot.

Next, click on the Assign Users button and select the user(s) about whom you want to have a Snapshot filled in.

When you’ve selected everyone needed, click on the Assign button

You get an overview of the selected users. You still can add users by clicking on the Assign Users button on the top right or you can unassign a user by clicking on the three dots on the end of the user-line.

In the Activity tab you can see who already filled in the Snapshot

In the Settings tab you can adjust the settings of the push (f.e. when you want to postpone the deadline date).