On the Studio > Snapshots > Templates tab page you can create snapshot templates that can be pushed to team leaders and/or coaches with the goal of obtaining information about your company's employees.

To create a new template, go to theTemplates tab and click on the New Template button in the top right corner.

Fill in the required fields:

  • Name: Give your template a name.
  • Description: Give a short description what the template is about.
  • Questions

  • Import questions from library: This button you can be used to select stored questions.
  • Create new question: Here you can write a question that is not stored before. The question editor will appear and the question will be saved automatically in de Questions section.

After choosing/typing the questions, you will see all questions for the template.

  • By clicking on the three lines on the left of the question and dragging, you can adjust the order of the questions.
  • By clicking on the X you can remove a question from your template.

In the last part you can choose by whom the Snapshot will be filled in and who can view the results.

Remark: When you have the Coaching feature, you will have the option to select coaches as well to fill in the snapshot.

Once everything is filled in, click on the Create button on the bottom right side.

In the last screen you can decide if you want to have the template already active or not. Click Done and your template will appear in the list.

You can edit your question by clicking on the three dots behind the template and choose Edit. You can also delete a template. Once you've pushed a template, you can not delete it anymore. You can make it inactive instead.