On the Studio > Snapshots > Questions tab page you can create and edit questions that you can later use during the creation of your snapshot templates. The main advantage of creating your questions here is that you will be able to (re)use them in multiple templates. While creating a template, you can still add new questions directly in the template creation window as well. The question editor will appear and the question will be saved automatically in the Questions section.

To create a new question, go to the Questions tab and click on the New Questions button in the top right corner.

  • Write your question in the Name field
  • Choose the type of question:
    • Scale: Define the Start at and End at value
      By switching the option 'Add descriptions' to scale points you can add a text that can help to choose and understand the correct value
    • Yes/No
  • Enabled: Only enabled questions will be shown while creating templates.

After clicking Create Question button (bottom right), your question will appear in the list.

You can edit your question by clicking on the three dots behind the question and choose Edit. You can also delete a question. Once a question is used already in a Snapshot, you can not delete it anymore, but you can disable it.

Remark: You can not change the Type.