Administrators and team leaders of the platform can receive a monthly report on how engagement data has evolved in the last month, compared to the previous 6 months. The report will indicate which engagement driver has changed the most (both positively and negatively), for which teams the overall engagement has changed the most (only for admins), and in which direction the overall company is trending. An easy way to stay on top of your engagement strategy!

Scope of engagement data

The alert for an admin will aggregate engagement data of all teams on the platform. The alert for a team leader will only contain data of the team(s) they are leading. 

What does the Engagement Change Alert look like?

The email will show the 2 most positive and 2 most negative changes in engagement and gives the admin/team leader the option to see this change in more detail on their platform.

In detail

The biggest change (both + and - independently) for a given driver across the organisation. In other words: Which driver has gone down the most, by what %. Which driver has gone up the most, by what %.

The biggest change in overall engagement (both + and - independently) for a given team. In other words: Which team has had the biggest decrease in overall engagement and by what %. Which team has had the biggest increase in overall engagement and by what percentage.

List of those drivers for specific teams that are below 25%

How to enable the Engagement Change Alert

If you want to receive the monthly Engagement Change Alerts, first contact your Success Manager to enable this feature.

After the feature has been enabled, go to your platform's General Settings to configure who will receive the monthly alerts. 

When the email is enabled for admins and/or team leaders, all the users with that role will receive the monthly email.

Disabling the notification as a user

Enabling the Alert email will send it to all team leaders and/or all admins of your platform. If one of these users doesn't want to receive that email after all, they can still disable it for themselves in their Notification settings.

For Admins

For Team Leaders