Learning and development should be as frictionless as possible. That's why we are now enabling our users to follow certain eLearning courses via our mobile app. As a first step, we are enabling all eLearning courses in SCORM format (a standardized format for the creation and launch of these types of courses). If you need more information on how to set up SCORM in your platform, please find it in this article.

You’ll be able to see all courses you’d normally see in your “Library” (same for web and app version), or those you’ve previously started under “My Learning”. Tapping a course will take either straight into a SCORM course, or you’ll see the general structure of the course, including it’s stages and individual steps.

We have 2 types of courses: SCORM and intuo courses:

  1. SCORM courses on the mobile app: We fully support SCORM courses (since these only contain a SCORM file). So you can follow these courses very easily on the go, no laptop needed. This way you can keep continuous learning.
  2. intuo courses on the mobile app: these courses might have different steps, of all types of steps we only support Text and the SCORM step. The other steps (such as quiz, videos, pdf, …) will be indicated as “soon” are not available on the mobile app at this moment. To follow these steps, please go to your platform on the web version. 

If you click on “soon”, you will get the following notification: “The mobile app doesn’t support this type of step at the moment. You can expect these to be available in the app soon. For now you can complete this step via the web platform!”