Over the past years many of our customers have adopted our (performance) snapshots. This functionality allows them to create insight in the talent in their organisation by assessing performance in a quick and easy way throughout the year. The goal of snapshots is to capture this info on a frequent basis and provide this information to HR and team leaders to simplify the rewarding process. You want to know more on the basics of snapshots? Click here.

We understand each company has a unique approach to assessing performance, and want to accommodate this with built in flexibility in our platform. Therefore, you will be able to plan in a snapshot as part of a conversation between a team leader and team member. This allows for more transparency on how performance is assessed formally by a team leader: only team leader can fill in the snapshot, but team members can see the result, once completed.

Making snapshots available in conversations starts with creating an extra step in the conversation template: Go to Studio > Conversations > Templates tab. Either edit an existing template by clicking on the options icon (three dots) on the right and select 'edit', or create a new template by clicking on 'new template' in the top right corner. Scroll down to the 'conversation steps' section, and click 'Add a step'

If you choose to use snapshots as a step in the conversations, you need to select a snapshot that must be filled in by the team leader about their team member during the conversation.

Conversations with snapshots attached are not available in the conversations overview. These conversations always need to be pushed by admins. 

After pushing the conversation, the snapshot will be sent to the team leaders. 

You can always check this in the overview of the snapshot pushes in the Studio (Studio > Snapshots > Pushes tab):

The icon in the image below shows that there is a snapshot attached to this conversation. 

When starting the conversation, the snapshot will be defined as a step in the conversation. 

At the end of the conversation, it will be possible to fill in the snapshot for this team member.


It won't be possible to edit the snapshot later.

if a snapshot has been attached to a conversation, it's mandatory to fill it in before you can finish that conversation.

After completing the snapshot, you can finish the conversation.

Only a team leader can fill in the snapshot. After completing the snapshot, you will have an overview of the scores. These scores will also be visible for the team member during the conversation. 

If you want to check the snapshot score after finishing the conversation, go to your conversation history. You can access this by going to Conversations > History tab, or on your profile, on the 'conversations' tab. Simply click on one of the conversations in your history to see this overview:

You can re-open the conversation but this won't automatically re-open the snapshot 

If you want to re-open the snapshot, you’ll need to contact an administrator of your platform. 

Here is a video with all the information.