Who can export it?

Both participants of the conversation can export it.
For an admin, it depends on the settings of the template the conversation was based on. If the template only allows admins to see the summary, this will also be the only information included in the export. If the template allows full visibility of the conversation, the admin can choose which parts to export.


When can I export it?

You can export the conversation as soon as it's planned, and you can continue to do so after it is finished. Keep in mind that if you export the conversation before it's finished, it's possible that not all information you want to include in the export will be available yet.

There is currently no X associated with the conversation

It's possible that you see a message like this in the export:

In this case, it means the user did not receive feedback or praise in the past 6 months. You will see similar messages for sections like courses / notes / objectives etc. if there's no data from the past 6 months to display.


Visibility of notes

Notes about a person are often personal and might contain sensitive information you don't want to share. If the manager/coach exports the conversation, these notes will be included, but if their team member / coachee exports it, the notes will not be included.

Where can I export it?

Ongoing conversation

Ongoing conversations can be exported in the conversation overview. In the example below, Suzan (manager) has a conversation planned with Jodie. Suzan wants to export Jodie's preparation.

You'll be presented with the following options:

Select which information you want to include in the export and click 'export pdf'.


Finished conversation

After you've finished a conversation, you can export it in your conversation history.

To find your conversation history, first click on 'Conversations' in the menu (1), then go the 'History' tab (2) and click on the options of the conversation you want to export (3). The export option is at the bottom (4).