Does the survey always only cover 1 category?

No, questions are selected out of multiple categories at random.

Can I change the timing of the questions?

Yes, by going to the Settings tab in Studio/Engagement you can change how many questions are asked and when they're send out.

Are the questions weighted in the score?

No, questions are all given the same weight.

Can a manager see results of a team that one of his own team-members is a teamleader of?

Yes, but this also depends on the Team Hierarchy Depth, which is a setting you can find in Studio > Teams. This is the number of hierarchy levels visible to any team lead.
For example, the team leader's team only (enter "0"), for direct subordinate team(s) of the team (enter "1"), subordinate teams of these teams (enter "2"),

How are the engagement percentages calculated?

If you are an old user of intuo Engage then you are accustomed to having the engagement scores showing up in a range from 1-5, we've changed that a bit now. Here is the full explanation.

In order to give you the best statistical data so you can act on it as soon as possible we have changed the scores to percentages, and the way we calculate them.

In the Engagement screen you can see percentages inside circles which are the average score of your last 4 engagements periods. The length of the period varies on your own settings so we won't get into that now. Previously we used the whole data range to calculate the averages, and that was flawed because having a lot of data skews the averages into one direction, or another. You still have the monthly averages in the chart on top of the page, so you can track the monthly progressions.

The arrows that show change have also changed, in a nut shell, they show the score change from the previous period. So for example, if you would have looked at the Company Knowledge engagement driver in the previous engagement period (i.e. a week ago if your engagement period is one week) you could have gotten the score of 83% and in the current engagement period the score is 85%, so the arrow will be green and show 2%.

As the average percentage value (in the circle on the left) is calculated from the previous 4 engagements, we show the difference between that value, and the one for the 4 engagement periods before the current engagement, so you get a true weekly change.

What does the 'Engagement period' entail and what does a comparison to a previous period mean?

The 'Engagement period' entails the last four engagement sessions.The current value of this engagement period (i.e the last 4 sessions) is then compared with that of the previous period (i.e. 8 to 5 sessions ago), and this happens on a rolling basis. A session can be weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on how you've set it up.

What happens if a user doesn't fill in my engagement questions? 

At first nothing, he/she will get a new set of questions in the next batch. After 3 missed surveys they will show up as 'inactive'.

How do I send a one-off engagement pulse?

You can send a one-off engagement pulse by going to Studio > Engagement. In the "Send engagement pulse manually"  field you have the option to immediately send a certain amount of questions to all users (5, 10, 20, 40 or all questions). This is great for baseline testing for when you just starting out using the platform.

Can I hide the engagement feedback for my team leaders so it's only visible to us admins?

Yes, in Studio > Engagement you can turn on the setting: Hide qualitative feedback for team leaders. The feedback given on the survey by the responders will then be no longer visible for your team leaders.

What is the response rate?

As an admin you're able to see the response rate from the organization (if no team is selected) or a specific team. As a team leader you're now able to see the response rate of your team(s). 

Can I let my team leaders respond to feedback from their team members?

You can give your team leaders the option to answer to their team members' feedback themselves by enabling the Team leaders can reply to engagement feedback sub-setting, which can be found in the Show qualitative feedback for team leaders section in Studio > Engagement > Settings.