There two ways to import people into the intuo platform. You can do this one by one, or if you want to import a big amount of people, you can import a csv. 

Invite a single person

Hit the users button and then invitations. If you then hit the top right button 'invite', you can set the details for this person you want to invite onto the platform. You can give up their email address, define the organisation and already select a student group, set the user label and platform language. Additionally you can include a message when inviting them, which will be included in the invitation email. If you hit 'invite', they will all receive an email with invitation instructions!

Invite a group of people via CSV

When you want to import a group of users into the Intuo platform at once, you can import them using a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file. Follow the steps below to import your file:

1. Create a CSV file of your users

The first step is to create a CSV file of the users you want to add to your platform. An example of such a file is shown below.


The first_name, last_name, email and company columns are obligatory. The others are optional.
If you add a language value, it should be either en for English, fr for French or nl for Dutch, which are currently the 3 supported languages.
Multiple student groups should be separated by a forward slash (/) as in the example.
 You can leave columns empty for certain rows by just adding a comma.

2. Import your CSV file on Intuo

On (where default is your subdomain), click "Import from CSV" in the upper right corner. You will see the following screen:

Once you click the "Click here to upload CSV" button, you can select and load your CSV file. Once you did this, you will see the following screen:

Here you can match your columns onto the CSVs columns, so our platform knows which columns correspond to which values. The result should be something like this:

Next, click the "Preview" button to get a preview of your import:

If the CSV import process finds empty values, it will tell you. Usually empty values are rows that are completely empty (like new lines), so this is not a big deal. The preview also only shows the first 10 results and gives you the total it will import. Click Import and Invite to import your new users.

All emails in your CSV will be added to the system, and these people will also receive an invitation email to reset their password. Users that are already in the system will not be added again and thus will not receive an email either. Go ahead and fire it off!

Important to note is that when you're adding and importing teams through your CSV, you will need to add teamleaders before normal users to the system. Otherwise, they will not be found in the system, and as a result they won't be added as a teamleader!

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