Giving feedback

Giving (gated) feedback is still mostly the same as you would normally do. The key difference is in the visibility options, which will be clarified below.

In this example, Wilbert wants to give feedback to Markus. With gated feedback enabled, you can still give feedback to anyone in your organisation.

Visibility options

These will be the default visibility options available when gated feedback is enabled. If coaching is enabled on your platform, you'll also have the ones related to coaches. The 'receiver only' option you'd normally have can't be chosen any more.

It's important to know that these options show who will see the feedback AFTER the manager of the recipient has reviewed it. After selecting an option you'll see "visible after review to ..." if the feedback will be gated.

Who will see the feedback I give?

  • Immediately after sending the feedback:
    Only the manager/coach of the recipient will see the feedback.
  • Once it's been reviewed:
    After the manager/coach has reviewed the feedback, it will become visible to the people that were selected by the sender of the feedback. For more info, see the 'Visibility options' section above.

After the feedback has been sent

After someone has sent feedback, the manager/coach of the recipient will need to review it before others can see it.

What does the manager see?

The manager sees the following message in their feed if feedback needs to be reviewed.

This is the only place the manager will be notified at the moment.

What does the feedback giver see

Meanwhile, the feedback giver can follow the status of the feedback in their feed as well. That will look like this:

In this example, Janett Walsh and Suzan Jones are the team leaders of Markus.

What does the feedback recipient see?

At the moment, the feedback recipient is unaware that someone has sent him feedback. They will only see it after their manager has reviewed it.


It is possible to enable an email sent to the reviewer(s) of the feedback.

To enable this option, please contact your Unit4 Talent Management Success Manager.

 Afterwards the user can enable/disable this email in his profile (the email is enabled by default)

Reviewing feedback

Clicking the 'review' button on the feed notification will show the following review screen:

When you need to review feedback for someone, you have the following options:

  • share the original feedback, unedited
  • rewrite the feedback and share that
  • Share the original feedback along with your own conclusion / notes added

Important: it's possible you do not have the option to write a conclusion. This is a setting that can be enabled/disabled by an admin of your platform. If you do not have the option to write a conclusion, you can either share the original feedback or do nothing. If you don't share it, the recipient will never know someone tried to give them feedback.

Share the original feedback

If you agree with the original feedback, you can check the box (1) and click 'Share' (2).

Important: If you decide to share the original feedback right away, you can no longer write a conclusion or edit the feedback any more.


Share edited feedback

As a manager/coach, you can decide to edit the feedback. You can do this by adding a 'conclusion'. On the review screen, click on 'Write Conclusion'.

Writing a conclusion looks like this:

After clicking 'save conclusion', you'll go back to the main review screen where you can select one of the following options:

Important: You can't edit the conclusion after it's been shared. If you only share the conclusion, you still have the option to share the original feedback afterwards. The notification on the manager's feed after sharing the conclusion looks like this:

Clicking the blue 'Share' text will bring you back to the review screen.


Share original feedback with conclusion

To do this, write a conclusion as described in the section above and check both checkboxes at the bottom of the review screen. The feedback will look like this: