This feature is not included by default, please contact your success manager for more information

You can add your SCORM content as a separate step in your course. It's also still possible to create a SCORM-only course

Adding a SCORM step is the same as adding any other kind of step. Go to your course and click Add New Step in the relevant stage. You will see the option to create a Scorm step.

The Scorm step has two mandatory fields: a name and the content. Optionally you can also add a description for your users.

To upload your content, click the blue action button and select your SCORM file. This is always a zip file! Check out this article to see which SCORM versions we support.

After you've selected your file, it will be uploaded and processed. This could take a while. You'll see the following message saying that the course is being processed:

Wait a bit and then reload your page until you see the below message. When you see your file name next to 'Currently uploaded', the file has been properly processed.