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This feature is mainly meant for the HR department. The snapshots are used to measure the growth of an employee in your company. Who is ready for a promotion, who is at risk of low performance, etc... The goal of Snapshots is to capture this info on a frequent basis and provide this information to HR and team leaders to simplify the rewarding process.

The Snapshots can be found by going to Studio > Snapshots. This is only visible for admins.

On the Snapshots page you have the options to create:

  • Pushes: Push Snapshot templates to users
  • Templates: Create Snapshot templates
  • Questions: Create questions that can be used in the templates

Why is there no Snapshot Studio on my platform?

If you don't find the Snapshots in your Studio, go to your general platform settings to enable it. To access your platform settings, click the 'cog' icon at the bottom of the main menu.

Click 'Save Changes' in the top right corner after enabling the setting.