What is a snapshot

Snapshots are used to measure the growth of an employee in your team. Who is ready for a promotion, who is at risk of low performance, etc... The goal of snapshots is to capture this information on a frequent basis and provide it to HR and team leaders to simplify the rewarding process.

When the admin of your company pushes snapshots about employees, the team leader(s) and/or coach(es) have to fill them in.

How will I know I need to fill in a snapshot?

If an admin wants you to fill in a snapshot about someone on your team, you can see it in your feed suggestions. This is one of the actions that will display a red badge above the profile picture of your team member, indicating it's important for you to complete. You can also receive an email notification about this (if it's enabled on your platform).

Red badge indicating you have an important action to complete. This could indicate a snapshot. Click on it to find out!

How to fill in a snapshot?

Step 1: open the snapshot

You can access the snapshot by clicking on the feed suggestion in the avatar view:

or in the list view:

Step 2: fill in the snapshot

Complete all the questions. Optionally, you can give extra feedback on every question to further nuance your answer.

The subject of the snapshot will never see what you filled in about them (exception: snapshot in a conversation).

Once you’ve gone through all questions you can close the window. The answers are registered. 

Note: once you've completed the snapshot and exit the screen you're on, it's not possible to change the answers by yourself any more. You'll have to contact the admin of your platform and ask them to reopen the snapshot for you.

Where can i see the results of these snapshots?

You can find out more about the visualisation of snapshots in this article.