If you have a question for support (all technical related questions), you can email support.talentmanagement@unit4.com This is the fastest and easiest way to get an answer from the Unit4 Talent Management support team on any technical questions. 

Contacting support

1. Write an email to the support team at support.talentmanagement@unit4.com . Try to make your email as specific as possible. If you have the feeling there might be an issue, please send over a screenshot. This way the support team can immediately dive into the issue. 

If you have more than one issue or query, please write a separate email for each issue or query. This way, you and the support team can follow it up more easily.

2. You will receive an automated email response confirming our support team have received your query, and useful notes about your ticket.

3. If you want to follow-up a ticket, you can do so by clicking the unique URL in the email. This will take you to the U4TM ticketing centre. Click on "sign up with us" and fill in your name and email address.

4. You will receive an activation mail in your inbox:


5. Activate your account by filling in your full name and choose a personal password.

6. After logging in, select "check ticket status". You will be able to follow up all open and pending issues you logged via support.talentmanagement@unit4.com 

Once you have an account you can also log your questions or issues via the portal. 

An overview of the different statuses: 

  • Being Processed: we've received your request and it will be handled by a support agent
  • Awaiting your Reply: A support agent needs more information
  • In resolution queue: The issue has been logged with our engineering team (e.g. bugs)
  • Resolving: An engineer is currently working on the issue
  • Escalated to Engineering Team: The ticket has been escalated to our engineering team (e.g. integrations)
  • Escalated to Success Team: The ticket has been escalated to your success manager
  • Escalated to Product Team: The ticket has been escalated to the product team (e.g. feature requests)
  • Resolved: The issue has been resolved and the fix is live on your platform
  • Closed

Requesting help by chat

It's still possible to reach out to a support agent via the chat functionality on your platform. This will automatically generate a ticket with which you can follow up (if necessary).