After planning the conversation, it's time for you and your team member to prepare it. Click the 'prepare' button.

What is a preparation?

After the planning phase, both participants will be able to view the questions that were added to the conversation. In order to have a more productive time together, participants can already start thinking about the answers to the conversation questions. These answers can be saved on the platform and will become visible once the conversation is started. They will provide a starting point for the conversation and provide topics of discussion. Answers can be saved and edited later. Once the preparation is finished, it can be submitted. There's a difference in saved and submitted answers in terms of visibility (described below). Your preparation can still be edited (submitted or not) until the conversation is started.

How to add/edit your preparation?

After clicking the 'prepare' button, you'll see an overview of the conversation's questions as shown above. 

1. When your team member submits their preparation, you'll be notified by email and their answers will become visible here. 

2. Edit or Delete the answer you have saved

3. Delete the question from the conversation 

4. Actions

  • Send an email reminder to your team member to submit their preparation. 
  • Export the conversation to a PDF file
  • Cancel the conversation 

5. Submit your preparation. Your team member won't see your answers until the conversation is started. 

Visibility of preparation

Preparation of team member

You, as team leader, can view the preparation of your team member after they've submitted it. This will give you the chance to review it before the conversation starts and fully prepare yourself. You will be notified by email once their preparation has been submitted. You can also check the status of the preparation in the conversation overview. A green checkmark will indicate that you can view the preparation of your team member.

Preparation of team leader

Your own preparation will not be visible to your team member until the conversation is started.

When can start the conversation?

You're free to start the conversation whether preparations have been submitted or not. It's possible that some answers were saved, but not submitted. That means they might not be the final answers of your team member yet. If you do want to start the conversation already, you'll get a warning about the unsubmitted preparation. If you proceed, all saved answers will become visible.

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