Plan a conversation

The first phase of a conversation, is the planning phase. To plan a conversation with someone you need to go to the conversation overview.

Selecting a conversation template

After deciding on the person you want to have a conversation with, you need to select which conversation template you want to use. A conversation template decides the flow of the conversation, which topics and questions should be discussed, who can see the conversation afterwards and many other settings. It involves a lot of configurable options that only the admin of your platform needs to worry about. If you're not sure which template to choose from the list, you can hover the question mark next to the name where you'll find a short description in case the template has one.

Conversation date & questions

Now that the template has been decided on, a date and time needs to be set.

Below that, you'll find the questions associated with the template you selected. If the configuration of the template allows it, you'll be able to add additional questions you want to focus on with your team member.

The template you selected for the conversation might allow you to add additional questions or leave you completely free on which questions to ask. To add questions to the conversation, you have two options:

  1. add your own questions to the platform
  2. select existing questions from the library

Questions from the library

Your platform has a library of questions that you can ask during a conversation, sorted by topic. Have a look around and see what's available!

Custom questions

You can also add your own questions in the text field at the bottom of the question list marked 'add you own question here'. These questions are only visible to you and can only be used in conversations by you! You can access these questions again in a different conversation by clicking 'import questions from library' and selecting the 'your custom questions' topic at the top.

Planning the conversation

After you've selected the conversation template, decided on the date and final question list, you can click the 'Plan conversation' button. You and your teammember will receive an email confirming the conversation. You can now move on to the preparation phase of the conversation.

Part 1: Overview and History tab

Part 2: How to plan a conversation

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Part 4: How to conduct the conversation